Leadership Seminars

We offer Leadership Seminars to train and mobilize influential servant-leaders from the greater Middle East Region.

Discipleship Training

We provide Biblical Discipleship Training and resources for new believers in the Middle East Region. Equipping them to follow Christ and grow in their walk with Him.

Evangelism Courses

We offer training in apologetics and personal soul-winning. We provide solid teaching and materials showing why sharing the Good News is important and how to share it with others.

My Post

The Middle East's Greatest Need

In the past 20 years, harshness and violence have rapidly increased in the Middle East. Thousands of Christians have been kidnapped and killed in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and elsewhere. Hundreds of churches have been bombed.

In 2017 I decided to act in obedience to God's calling upon my heart. I started Step Forward Global Ministries, a huge step of faith. The vision of Step Forward is to meet the greatest needs in the Middle East by serving those who are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the region. I am confident of multiplied impact as we are able to motivate and mobilize Christian leaders to do the Lord's work and make His Name known in the greater Middle East area of our world.

Many who kill Christians are desperate for the truth and are waiting for a witness to tell them about the sweet Redeemer. When people come to Christ, they are hungry to know Jesus to the fullest and to make Him known to others. That is why we provide discipleship, evangelism and leadership training for them.

I plead with you to pray for what is happening in the greater Middle East area and to find a way to get involved with our ministry opportunities. I am humbly blessed and deeply grateful for the privilege of serving God in this hour of such great need!

Dr. Michel Khalil

Founder & President

We want and need your partnership...

We want and need your prayers, your partnership and your donations! One hundred percent of all donations made to Step Forward Global Ministries go directly to the mission field. All donations are tax deductible.